A Darker Crimson

Los Angeles, the City of Angels. It was earning its other nickname all over again: Crimson City. The war—oh, right, the conflict—between the species was spreading. This time, two adult males. The smaller one looked peaceful. Close cropped afro, square-chinned face, ebony skin, big brown eyes and a deep gash across his throat. The other one, John Doe Number Two, didn’t look so peaceful. Both men looked dead.

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Long ago the portal was sealed and Los Angeles -- Now Crimson City -- rid itself of demons for eternity. Or so Claudia Donovan believed. With the city's other "paranormals" more active than ever, and the treaty between humans, vampires and werewolves all but dissolved, she and the rest of the CCPD had enough to handle.

But now her daughter has been kidnapped and she's learned that demons still exist -- and they they are plotting. SHe herself is caught in a dark ritual and must go to the creatures' shadowy world. To whom can she turn for help? The vampire Tiberiu Khorza, whose eyes promise death but whose lips taste of eternity: does she dare trust him? Or does salvation lie with the powerful Lath, he who inspires lust beyond name? Thirst, bitterness, despiar -- on the plane of Orcus, all these things await. But just as surely, beyond that portal are Claudia's daughter, victory and true love. And her first taste of. . .

A Darker Crimson

eISBN: 978-0-9833826-6-9

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Originally published as a Mass Market Paperback by Love Spell Books, 2005, ISBN: 978-0-0505-52658-1

I've corrected several errors in the original print version and done a light edit.

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