My Darkest Passion - My Immortal Series Book 5

He wasn’t worried about the odds, it was just that there was no disguising the cold and helpless desperation that clung to those four men. The look was all too familiar. As for Infante? That was familiar, too. He wore a knock-off Italian suit and a self-satisfied grin that made Harsh wish like hell he’d killed Infante when he’d had the chance.

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Harsh Marit's story is the fifth book in my paranormal series and is on sale at the sites listed below

Read Chapters 1-3.

Harsh has appeared in all the previous books. Those of you who have read the series to date know he’s different from the other demons. His book explores that difference and pairs him with a woman who’s been through hell.

OK. I’ll tell you a little more. Full on war has broken out between the magekind and the demonkind, and Harsh and Addison end up in the thick of it.

One more tibdit. Those of you who might have thought Kynan Aijan was off the market because he had a girlfriend in previous stories? He’s available. Big hints are being dropped about Kynan.

About the Book

Addison O’Henry has no idea magic is real or that the fragile peace between the magekind—humans who can use magic—and demons is about to shatter. All that changes the day she’s abducted by one of the magekind. After a ritual murder goes horribly wrong, Addison ends up with demon-sourced magic that nearly kills her. But for the intervention of demon Harsh Marit, she might not have survived. Though Harsh does what he can to help her return to what used to be normal, they both know her life will never be the same.

With corrupt mages threatening them both, her honor requires her to help Harsh and the demon warlord he serves. If that means accepting her power and the high rank it confers on her, so be it. Now her once distant relationship with Harsh turns hot and immediate as the two of them explore the dark passion of a forbidden relationship.

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