We Return You To Your Regulary Scheduled Programming

My webhost has been having intermittent problems with the server my site is on since sometime Friday afternoon. Hopefully this means they’ve addressed the issue.

If you’re seeing this, everything is fine!

If you’re not, well. Special for people not able to get to my website! I know the secret to eternal life. Send me $20 in a SASE and I’ll share it with you.




2 Responses to “We Return You To Your Regulary Scheduled Programming”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Just wondering.. waiting on the latest installment in the My Immortals series… any word yet on a date? February is almost over.

  2. Cheryl:

    My Darkest Passion is with my editor. I expect it back shortly. Then I revise and send it to my copy editor. Once it’s been copy edited, it should only be a few days before it’s ready to upload!