Pwning Tomorrow — A Free Anthology

Some of you may know about my stand against the NSA’s warrantless-wiretapping program. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF, who by the way, represent me in the case) is celebrating its 25th anniversary with Pwning Tomorrow.

This is a truly awesome 400+ page collection of speculative fiction by some of the biggest names in the authoring business. The list of contributing authors is below.

My contribution is my novella Free Fall, in which a demon hacker and a litigator who turns out to be a witch team up to fight the forces of evil.

A donation to the EFF is not required, though it would be lovely if you could. You may download an ePub or Mobi from the page linked to above and here.

Cover of Pwning Tomorrow with EFF logo, showing fanciful flying catlike creature among other unusual flying creatures.

Pwning Tomorrow

Contributing Authors

Charlie Jane Anders
Madeline Ashby
Paolo Bacigalupi
Lauren Beukes
David Brin
Pat Cadigan
Cory Doctorow
Paul Ford
Neil Gaiman
SL Grey
Eileen Gunn
Charles Human
Kameron Hurley
Carolyn Jewel
James Patrick Kelly
Ramez Naam
Annalee Newitz
Hannu Rajaniemi
Rudy Rucker
Lewis Shiner
Bruce Sterling
Charles Yu


Do you see those names? :::::hyperventilating:::::::


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