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The Cone of Silence Is Lifted

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Today, I received my reversion of rights for my historicals Scandal and Indiscreet. I haven’t been able to talk about the situation with these books for over a year. I could only apologize to everyone who couldn’t get the books. And now I can tell you what happened and why I had to wait until today to talk about it.

I signed a two book contract with Berkley in 2007. Scandal and Indiscreet were published in 2009. Berkley only had North American rights to those books. From 2007 to about 2011, that didn’t really matter. There wasn’t anything I could do about that.

Then indie/self-publishing came along and it did matter. In 2012, I finally realized (doh!!) that I could publish all four of my Berkley Historicals wherever I had rights — everywhere except the US and Canada. I also realized, after I’d put out my versions, that Berkley had Scandal and Indiscreet on sale where they did not have rights.

And so my agent and I asked Berkley to stop selling the books where they did not have rights. And Berkley eventually complied.

By taking their books off sale EVERYWHERE at EVERY VENDOR. Including the US and Canada.

Soon after, a disappointed reader alerted me that there was no Kindle version on Amazon. So yeah. Between then and February 2013, my agent sent three different written requests to Berkley alerting them to their mistake and asking them to put the books back on sale. That’s in addition to phone calls.

After the third notification with no response, I told my agent that we should stop trying to get Berkley to sell the books again. The next royalty statement would show 0 books sold, and we could request reversions.

And so…there began a rather tense time. I was losing money while the books were not on sale in North America. But indeed, the next royalty statement showed 0 eBook sales for those titles, and with print sales being more or less dismal, we requested reversions. And we waited some more…. I was worried that when they saw the royalty statement with 0 sales, someone might think that was odd and take a look.

But, as it turns out, no worries! No one looked because today, the reversion letter arrived. More than a year from the time the books were mistakenly taken off sale.

Now they are mine, and I can get them on sale EVERYWHERE!!!

To all the people who have been asking me, this is what happened and why, and I’m sorry you could not buy the books, but SOON you can.

Files are actually already populating out, but it will take a bit before I have links to give you all. I don’t even have to do DMCA take downs, because there are no files to take down. That’s pretty convenient!

It’s a shame that no one at Berkley followed up on their mistake. It doesn’t say much about their internal organization and any checks and balances. If it’s just the case that no one cared because my sales were never good enough to make them care, then it’s a bigger shame that I had to wait more than a year to get my rights back. Nobody was making any money on those books during that year and a few months.


So, Carolyn, Whatcha Been Up To? A SECRET Project?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Oh, hey! Good question!

Petting the cat. That’s one thing. Also petting the dogs. Important.

I sprained my ankle pretty badly right before Thanksgiving and spent a week barely able to walk and completely unable to drive. My son was home from college and it was a challenge to find someone to drive me to pick him up and return him to the bus to get to San Francisco and back to get here from/to school. I can drive and walk now, but my ankle is still bruised (so colorful!) and quite sore. Ouch. That should conclude the pity part of this post.

Oh, except for this: I have been unable to wear my normal totally cute shoes on my injured foot because 1) swelling 2) pain 3) my brace would destroy the shoe. I thought I’d cleverly put the right-foot half of my go-to pair of around-the-house shoes (well, everywhere shoes but whatever) out of the big dog’s reach. I was wrong. She retrieved my shoe from the bag where I had hidden it from her and chewed it to bits.

Wah!!! On the other hand, I can still wear the left one.

Writing News

1. Lucy and Thrale (The Next Historical) are coming along. I actually think I finally have a 1st chapter worth posting. I’m in the final phases of having something to send to editing. I’m close…

2. My secret project is about ready… I’m waiting on final covers and a few final edits before I prep the final files. Yes, covers. The name is “Whispers” and you can learn about it here.

3. I have some other news that’s good for me (and readers!) that I’ll only hint at. I want the paperwork in hand before I say anything for sure.


How About A Quickie?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

I have this big long post that I need to work on….

In the meantime, I’m working on stuff.

Lucy and Thrale: Making progress

Print version of My Darkest Passion: About 1/2 way through. There are some issues so I’m having to be more precise and attentive. I will end up having to order a 2nd proof to make sure the glitches are fixed.

Life: Ack!!!!

And, I feel compelled to say this:

Dear person who is trying to market to authors:

We tend to talk to each other and so, your email in which you claim to have read our latest book and been impressed with our talent, well, it seems a bit fishy that anyone could have read that many books…. I know you’re trying to be personable, but a personable lie is still a lie, and authors, alas, are such frequent targets of SEND US MONEY for something that will not actually benefit your career, that we’re now naturally suspicious. You’d have been better off just telling us about your service and what’s in it for us.

In a related note, if you sell advertising space on your book-related website, then I think you should give authors an idea of the kind of traffic you get. Because then I would have an idea about whether it’s worth it to me. Share some metrics, dude.

That is all.


Scandal and Indiscreet in North America

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

To anyone who has tried to buy the Kindle eBook of Scandal or Indiscreet in North America, yes, those books should be available but no, at the moment they are not. For some reason, Amazon is showing that the books are not available for Kindle, even though Berkley has the rights, and even thought they USED to be available.

I’ve contacted my agent and she in turn has contacted Berkley so I’m hopeful this will be resolved quickly. In the meantime, all I can say is I’m really sorry.

Speculations about Why

I actually think this is mostly Amazon’s fault. Berkley, the publisher of my last four historicals, only acquired North American rights. This means Berkley can only sell those books in the US and Canada and I can sell the books everywhere else. Which I am doing.

A few weeks ago I got an email from Amazon asking me to prove I had the right to sell Scandal, Indiscreet, and Not Wicked Enough since they could see the exact same content being sold by another vendor (Berkley). This is a good thing as there have been cases of nefarious persons stealing an author’s content and selling the entire eBook via Kindle with sometimes only a few changes, or even none. That’s not piracy, that’s theft. I provided Amazon with scans of my contracts showing the rights acquired by Berkley and what rights were mine. Amazon replied promptly with OK! Awesome!

So, now Scandal and Indiscreet for Kindle are showing as not available to US customers… Kind of suspicious, eh? It’s possible the problem is something else, but for now, that’s my theory. Amazon has made a mistake.

I emailed Amazon setting out what had happened and my theory about why, and they promptly responded with, “Berkley needs to contact us.” Which makes sense even though, come on, this is surely Amazon’s fault. So I then emailed the whole thread to my agent and now we just have to wait for Berkley to address this with Amazon.

Anyway, I expect the books to be back on sale for Kindle shortly.

My apologies to everyone who tried to buy the books and could not, and my sincere thanks to everyone who emailed me about the problems with availability.


My Darkest Passion – The Fork is Out!

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013
Fork against a blue sky with white clouds

The Fork. Photo by Yours Truly.

I’ve sent the MS off to my editor. There’s still revisions, copyediting, and proofreading, but I expect to have the book on sale late this month.

My Darkest Passion is book 5 of the My Immortals series. I guess I also need to start working on the back blurb, too…


Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

I was going to post a picture of the turkey we used to have, but I organized all my pictures and now I can’t find anything. Instead, I will wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving a very happy day and show you this picture:

Close up of a white pansy with raindrops

Photo by Yours Truly.

One of these days I will save up enough money for a telephoto lens and/or a more general purpose lens than my macro lens.

I am making slow but steady progress with My Immortals 5 (Harsh’s story). I’m at the point now where it just seems like I’m working through mess after mess, but I can see where the story is very much coming together.


Midnight Scandals

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Welcome to Doyle’s Grange, a charming house near the hills of Exmoor, where the garden is beautiful in every season, and the residents are respectable year-round.

Except when the clock strikes midnight…

One Starlit Night by Carolyn Jewel

Ten years away from Doyle’s Grange isn’t quite long enough for Viscount Northword to forget Portia Temple, or their passionate adolescent affair. Portia, however, is about to marry another man. Northword tells himself it is wrong to interfere in her life at this late hour, but interfere he cannot help, with his words, his body, and the truths of his heart.

What Happened at Midnight by Courtney Milan

Fleeing the consequences of her father’s embezzlement, Mary Chartley takes a position as a lady’s companion, only to find herself a virtual prisoner at Doyle’s Grange, her employer’s house. And then the nightmare truly begins: the man she loves, who also happens to be the man from whom her father stole, shows up at her door seeking recompense. And not merely in pound sterling…

A Dance in Moonlight by Sherry Thomas

After losing her childhood sweetheart to another woman, Isabelle Englewood is heartsick. But then something remarkable happens: Upon arriving at Doyle’s Grange, her new home, she meets Ralston Fitzwilliam, who looks almost exactly like the man she cannot have. Come late at night, she tells him, so I can make love to you pretending that you are the one I love.

Little does she realize what she is about to unleash.

Read excerpts from all three stories here.

Midnight Scandals officially publishes August 28, but it’s possible to pre-order from Amazon or Apple.



Let’s Chat!

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Today, (February 19, 2012) I’ll be chatting about writing at the Writer’s Chatroom 4:00pm-7:00pm Pacific (7:00pm-9:00pm Eastern)

There’s no password. I’ll be giving away a couple of books. Stop by if you can and bring your questions and funny jokes.


News from Jewel Central

Friday, October 7th, 2011

1. I have sent the UNCENSORED version of Future Tense off to be edited. Hopefully I remembered to blog that I was putting back and writing the sex scenes that were left out of the original version. Forever was uncomfortable with a free offering having sex, which I totally get. The uncensored version of Future Tense is pretty hot and, of course, I ended up doing a fairly extensive rewrite. It’s a few thousand words longer and is just about novella length.

2. The updated Future Tense will also have a new cover. I have the draft and it is awesome, especially since I was at last able to find a totally hunky man of Asian descent. Bonus for him having an Angel Script tat on his back. I can’t wait until I can show it to you!

3. I should have the final cover for Not Wicked Enough soon, plus the book has gotten some lovely blurbs.

4. Look for some more backlist titles from me soon

5. Not Proper Enough is beginning to gel, but panic is setting in. ACCKKKK!!!


RWA Roundup Post

Monday, July 4th, 2011

I’m back from RWA in New York and still a bit jet-lagged. Here are some initial thoughts and observations.

Three stories

I heard a lot of people tell stories about encountering rudeness. If you’re ever at the Times Square Coldstone, for God’s sake DO NOT GO INSIDE. The tale of hostility encountered over the simple act of buying ice cream chilled my blood. Good Lord. Ice Cream should be a happy experience. I guess you walk out of that store happy that you escaped with your life.

I myself was in a cab hurtling toward my destination — this was nothing new, by the way. I have been in cabs in San Francisco and I assure you, San Francisco traffic can make New York traffic look like Sunday morning at 7:00 am. — Anyway, my driver suddenly pulls over to the curb and stops and I’m thinking, hey! there’s no one in front of us, why the heck are you stopping instead of seeing how quick you can punch it to 70? He bought a hot dog. Two of them. On my dime. Which if he’d asked would have been totally cool with me. But he didn’t.

To counterbalance the tales of rudeness, in the Times Square Walgreen’s where I was buying band-aids, the line was long, the store was crowded and there were youngsters in the line. And the clerk charmed those kids to pieces. You could watch them all fall in love with her and her New York accent and every kid in that line couldn’t wait until she talked to them. She was wonderful.

So there. I choose to remember her the best.

Also, the staff in the Starbucks on the first floor (not the one on the 8th floor) were really nice AND they were organized about how to take orders and keep things moving. The staff at the 8th floor Starbucks was the complete opposite.

The Mood

Most people seemed to think the mood was substantially more optimistic than last year. I do think that’s so. My own mood was . . . hard to explain. Ups and downs, but unlike any other time in my writing career, the down bits were accompanied by my conviction that I have real and substantial alternatives. This was bolstered by the fact that the 2nd installment of my ePub direct deposits (representing the first full month of sales) went in while I was at conference and $9,000+ felt damn cheerful and substantial to me.

I have never, ever before had conversations with editors, agents and other publishing professionals where the potential for “No” didn’t also bring with it the specter of an ending career. But that’s the case right now. Not that there was no angst, there always is. But the truth is, the world has changed and savvy writers can now diversify their careers in ways that detach them from traditional publishing. A writer who can do both is in a good place and, for the first time ever, that applies to the mid-list author.

Rumors and Speculation

There were lots of rumors most of which had to do with Harlequin’s recent contract changes. It seems that the rumor about a non-complete in the contracts is false. However, I remain concerned that the math I’ve seen pretends that the overhead is limited. Harlequin, it seems, uses a distributor. See this Dear Author post.

Series: on a $5 book, a series author receiving 6% of cover would earn royalty of 30 cents per copy; at 15% of net receipts, she’ll earn 37.5 cents per copy ($5 x 50% discount to distributor = net receipts of $2.50. 15% of $2.50 is 37.5 cents).

Single Titles: on an $8 book, a single title author receiving 10% of cover would earn royalty of 80 cents per copy; at 25% of net receipts, she’ll earn $1.00 per copy ($8 x 50% discount to distributor = net receipts of $4.00. 25% of $4.00 is $1.00).

The net receipts calculation is transparent and we are comfortable moving to a net receipts model for digital sales.

Emphasis added. The above math assumes the only cost is that 50% to the distributor. But is it? I don’t have any contracts with Harlequin, but one of my contracts has this language regarding things that are deducted before arriving at net:

Taxes, handling or processing fees, customer refunds… commissions or fees payable to third parties (such as web hosters and digital rights management providers). . .

It’s pretty easy to imagine that 7.5 cent (30 cents vs. 37.5 cents) increase for series and the $0.20 increase (80 cents vs. 100 cents) for single title being eroded by things like the above expenses. I remain skeptical and continue to believe that 25% of net is not competitive enough in the current environment. See above in re my self-pub income for the month of June.

Other Stuff

There were representatives there from Amazon and iBooks. Last year, to my knowledge, there weren’t. The guy from Amazon ran out of cards. Think about that.

My News

I don’t have much I can share yet. Sorry. However, you can expect to hear news fairly soon.