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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Spring is coming! Yay!!!

Here are some pictures I took today. There are some LOL cat worthy ones, too. I haven’t uploaded them to flickr yet, but I’ll update the post when I do. Creative Commons, non-commerical, attribution, so yes, you can use these, just give me a link back. The full size (5MB or more) will be at my flickr account.

white flower, orange center

Photo by Yours Truly

Plum Blossom taken looking toward the sun

Photo by Yours Truly

Abu, my blue abyssinian

Are You Effing Kidding me? Photo by Yours Truly

Abu, Blue Abyssinian looking pissed off

I said No. Photo By Yours Truly


What Does Whiskers Think of The New Kitty?

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I uploaded my first video to YouTube today. It’s only 30 seconds and it’s kind of lame but you’ll find out what The Black Cat, aka, Nightmare, aka Insane Cat thinks of my son’s kitten, Tiger.

In writing news, I have have been writing The Next Historical. Trying to write more than I delete. So, like if I write 2000 words today, I can delete 2000 words of crap. Works for me!

Also, at a gathering, my hero just discovered something kind of upsetting about the heroine. Ooooh.

By my friend on NaNoWriMo My user name is cjewel. Won’t you be my buddy?


Stuff and stuff

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here’s a picture of Tiger the kitten my son adopted in between soccer games last weekend. She’s very pretty.

Tiger a 10 week old kitten my son adopted

I’m blogging early because I’m pretty much exhausted. What with the soccer tournament last weekend I didn’t get to catch up on my sleep which means I’ve been running at a deficit all week. Missed the gym more days than not because I wanted that extra hour of sleep.

Looks like His Wicked Witch will be titled My Forbidden Desire which title I like quite a lot.

The Next Historical is going reasonably well. I’m finding out some very interesting stuff about Syria and what Napoleon was up to. Right now I’m researching Harems. Worked in the car at lunchtime.

Lastly, my apologies for the boring post. I will try to do better next time. Hopefully after I’d caught up on my sleep.

Remind me to tell you-all about the marshmallow pyramid.


Early Blog on Busy Day

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

My son had a soccer tournament in a city about an hour’s drive away. I don’t even play the games and I come away exhausted. Why is that? I did a bit of notebooking in between games or beforehand and got some (but not a lot) done when I got home Saturday.

Between games Saturday I went with another of the parents and our kids to find lunch, which we did. We also found a bookstore so I went in and they had My Wicked Enemy so I checked in with them and signed their stock and left some bookmarks. They said they sell a lot of Romance and were quite excited to hear about the SF chapter of RWA. They’re a lovely independent in Benicia. I bought some of the coolest magnets ever for the Wicked Cool contest.

Today, they had an 8:00am game which means we had to leave home at 6:00am. On a Sunday. Sigh. They won their game which meant they were in the finals at 1:30. So we went off to have brunch and then do some shopping errands. I discovered that the Pleasanton Target had a lot of books, but only high profile authors (No My Wicked Enemy) which I was surprised to discover made for an extremely boring book section. I shouldn’t have been surprised. They were all facing out (makes sense) but considering they had multiple titles by the same author, the selection was quite limited and, as mentioned, very uninspired. I’d just never seen that in person.

But down the mall was a very large Barnes and Noble and they had My Wicked Enemy so I signed their stock and left bookmarks. They were really nice and they moved my books to the front of the store! I hadn’t brought any signed by author stickers since I wasn’t expecting to go to any bookstores, and both stores were kind enough to use their stickers.

And, last thing, I think. On Saturday while we were in the bookstore the kids went down two stores to the Pet Food Express where they were having a pet adoption. My son has been looking for a kitten for quite a while, but he never saw one that he wanted. Saturday he found a kitten. He came back to find me and tell me he’d found the one so now we have Tiger who is a female kitten, already spayed, has her first shot and is negative for Feline luekemia. She’s from a feral litter but has been with a foster family that’s been handling her. Tiger is a pale tan cat. I’ll try to get a pic when she’s settled in a bit. She’s very pretty.

Now off to do some writing before I crash for the night.


A Helping Paw

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

This is my cat Jake, helping me revise Magellan’s Witch. Jake The Cat Helping Carolyn Revise Magellan's Witch The bulk of the MS is at the bottom of the pic, but he’s lying on the done pages from my last pass through last night when I was checking a things to make sure I’d hit all the specific pages. My work space isn’t big enough to put the pages anywhere else. Fortunately, at the moment I can work around that. But he was helping me like that all day yesterday when I couldn’t work around it. And he’s a big, fluffy cat. Now it’s on to the bigger picture items, which involves mostly making sure my previous changes are seamless to the rest of the MS.


Sometimes I Wish I Were My Cat

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Right now, my cat Jake is asleep on my copy of the edited MS for Magellan’s Witch. I wish I was him. Sleeping with no cares. He looks so comfy.

Anyway, I’m done going through the MS for the changes. Tomorrow I’ll do a read through to make sure I’ve hit everything.

I slept until 8:30 this morning, skipped my RWA meeting, had to, rats. And worked from 9:00 to 3:00 when I had to take my son to his soccer game. I bought us pizza on the way home and have been working since about 6:30. I took a few breaks, once to scrub some paper off the windows (left over, I’m ashamed to admit, from when they were installed) and, no I DO NOT want to talk about why I so desperately needed to scrape old labels off the windows right then, and another break to make my son S’mores for breakfast. Yeah, I’m a Bad Mom. My son had chocolate, marshmallows and Graham crackers for breakfast. For a while I was frantically wracking my brain to figure out how to put my villain into this one scene and I swear, I was doing the patented Sandy Schwab Head: Desk move for way too long. Then I got up to pick up the dog and he licked me (ick! I wish he wouldn’t do that) and suddenly I knew how to do it. So I went back and fixed that scene which was the last major fix, I think.

Now off to bed.