Bound in Smoke

The Street Witches series.

Bound In Smoke

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An exciting new series from Carolyn Jewel

The world changed forever when the Sinque Aelfisc appeared and with them the vapor reek that transformed the world and the people in it. The Sinque have the ability to give structure to chaos and as vapor reek spreads, some humans gain the ability to perform what amounts to magic. The world is now divided between the human-inhabited Demise and the Wild, where the Sinque Aelfisc are returning nature to balance. An elite class of humans are unhappy with the rewilding of the world and will stop at nothing to prevent further encroachment and maintain their hold on magic using humans.

Larkin Azuria is one the cursed, a human who can work with chaos without training or other aids. SavaƟ Idix is a Sinque Aelfisc, and their lives collide when someone tries to assassinate him and blame Larkin.

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Books in the Street Witches Series

  • Book 1: Bound in Smoke (Coming Soon!)
  • Book 2: Born in Fire
  • Book 3: Risen From Ash

About the series

Visit my About the Series page for more information about series and what characters you can expect to read about.

Availability Status

Print: Coming soon.

eBook: Coming soon.

Audio: Not currently planned.

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