Dead Drop

Palla was halfway in the kitchen, and that made her nervous, that he was bothering to come this close. She wasn’t sure about Tau’s job, but Palla was an enforcer. Literally. He worked for a demon warlord, and it was his job to scare people into staying in bounds and to take care of the ones who didn’t. Just about all of the demon warlord’s inner circle were killers. They had to be these days, but yeah. She was a bit too aware of that right now. You broke the rules, you paid the price, and there stood the guy who took all your money.

Dead Drop, My Immortals Series: a short novel

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eBook ISBN: 978-1-937823-25-2
Print ISBN: 978-1-937823-37-5

She loathes demons. He almost killed her. There’s a thin like between hate…and love.

Wallace Jackson is a pacifist street witch with power she can’t access. Her efforts to work with demons to unlock her dangerous, unusual ability leave her sick for days, and she wants nothing more than to give up. The help of Palla, a demon warlord’s most deadly assassin, changes her mind.

Palla is an enforcer and a stone-cold killer. He’s also haunted by his inability to save his former lover from a torturous living death. The witch may be the only one who can help to free his lover’s spirit from unimaginable suffering.

He wants a favor. She can’t stand him, but she also can’t say no. As Palla helps Wallace gain control of her magic, they realize there might be more between them than a mission. Will the tension boil over before the task is through?

Dead Drop is a paranormal romance novel set in the My Immortals saga, a series set around a magical war between demons and magekind. If you like magical action, growing romance, and well-written drama, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s compelling story.

Prior to release, it was serialized, for free, to newsletter subscribers. In other words, subscribers got to read it first.

A novella of the same title appeared in the anthology Alphas Unleashed. This version is significantly revised and expanded.

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