Free Fall

He was here. Telos Khūnbish had come. Relief nearly demolished her, it hit so powerfully. He was here, and now, improbably, she believed everything was going to be all right. Her life was irrevocably screwed, but she believed. She ignored the noise of the lobby and the man standing beside her. He was irrelevant. What a damn sad commentary it was that after nearly ten years in the city, Khūnbish was the closest thing she had to a friend. Maybe even a real friend, because he was here, and she believed she’d get through this.

About Free Fall - The Novella, uncensored version

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Control is all she cared about, until she met him…

Attorney Lys Fensic has been a paragon of self-control her whole life. She’s had to be. If she can’t handle her psychic abilities, people die. When her mage ex-boyfriend sends a gang of enslaved demons to kill her, Lys goes into a psychic free fall.

Telos Khūnbish is a tough, sexy security expert with a secret of his own. He knows Lys hides a sexy, sensual creature behind her icy facade, so when she needs help, he's happy to offer it. Little does he know he’s headed into something much more dangerous. Something that could leave both them and their secrets laid to rest.

Free Fall is a novella set in the My Immortals saga, a series of paranormal romance tales pitting demons against magic-using magekind. If you like smoking hot heroes, steamy romance, and action-packed paranormal, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s sexy drama.

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Here’s some artwork I had done for Free Fall, by the amazing Seamus Gallagher. He did a great job drawing Telos for me. He’s done some other artwork for me, which I also adore. His website, doesn’t seem to be resolving right now or I would have a link back to him.


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Visit my About the Series page for more information on the My Immortals series and what characters you can expect to read about.

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