Future Tense

Khunbish didn't close the door, and she glanced up to see why. He had a hand on the roof of his car and was leaning down, staring at her with his black, black eyes. A frown put a crease between his eyebrows. She couldn't tell his pupils from his irises. She set her purse on the floorboard and gave him a cool look. One thing she'd learned over the years was how to appear calm and controlled when she was neither.

About Future Tense - The Novella, uncensored version

Cover of Future Tense the Novella Lys is an attorney for a San Francisco law firm where she litigates high stakes computer hacking and corporate espionage cases. Her go-to expert witness for these cases is Telos Kunbish who may not always operate on the right side of the law. He’s a big, dangerous looking guy and after she leaves her abusive boyfriend, she needs someone just like him to escort her while she gets the rest of her things from the house. Only Lys isn’t quite what she seems, her ex-boyfriend is a mage who wants her dead and Telos is a demon. Uh oh.

This is an expanded version of the short story, with the sex scenes restored and a considerably deeper plot, as you would expect with the addition of several thousand more words. Should hit your eReader in April 2012.

About Future Tense - The short Story

Telos, Artwork for Future Tense, Seamas Gallagher illustrator

Lys and Telos, but as a short story. Check the awesome artwork by Seamas Gallagher.

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