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In daylight, there was no disguising that her hair was more red than brown, and of all things, that was what doomed him. That dark red hair. To no avail, he reminded himself she was Magnus’s younger sister. He had years of correspondence from her. Her spirit had sunk into the pages and words she’d written, filling that box that ought never to have been opened. Years of her words had crept into his heart until there seemed no way to separate them, and he’d not even known it was happening until too late.

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Three great stories by three great authors: Courtney Milan, Sherry Thomas, and me!
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From the Anthology Midnight Scandals with authors Courtney Milan and Sherry Thomas
August 2012

Midnight Scandals…

Welcome to Doyle’s Grange, a charming house near the hills of Exmoor, where the garden is beautiful in every season, and the residents are respectable year-round.
Except when the clock strikes midnight…

One Starlit Night by Carolyn Jewel

Ten years away from Doyle’s Grange isn’t quite long enough for Viscount Northword to forget Portia Temple, or their passionate adolescent affair. Portia, however, is about to marry another man. Northword tells himself it is wrong to interfere in her life at this late hour, but interfere he cannot help, with his words, his body, and the truths of his heart.

What Happened at Midnight by Courtney Milan

Fleeing the consequences of her father’s embezzlement, Mary Chartley takes a position as a lady’s companion, only to find herself a virtual prisoner at Doyle’s Grange, her employer’s house. And then the nightmare truly begins: the man she loves, who also happens to be the man from whom her father stole, shows up at her door seeking recompense. And not merely in pound sterling…

A Dance in Moonlight by Sherry Thomas

After losing her childhood sweetheart to another woman, Isabelle Englewood is heartsick. But then something remarkable happens: Upon arriving at Doyle’s Grange, her new home, she meets Ralston Fitzwilliam, who looks almost exactly like the man she cannot have. Come late at night, she tells him, so I can make love to you pretending that you are the one I love.
Little does she realize what she is about to unleash…

What They’re Saying About One Starlit Night and Midnight Scandals

A wonderfully rounded romance dealing with the difficulties of a second chance romance and great supporting characters... 4 1/2 stars
Rogues Under the Covers
Each of the three stories takes place around a small home (cue Doyle’s Grange) on a larger estate. As one era passes into the next the elderly couple from the former generation brush paths with the young couple of the next. How is that not prime time catnip? As a well executed concept the home bridges the gaps between the tales, making them stronger collectively than they are alone. As the authors involved in Midnight Scandals are some of the genre’s strongest, this takes us pretty close to perfection.

First up is Carolyn Jewel. Her story of lovers with two unforgivable secrets made me realize I don’t read Carolyn Jewel often enough. (Why don’t I read more Carolyn Jewel?)
It’s My Genre Baby

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