My Demon Warlord - My Immortals Series Book 7

I think I’m being exactly the right amount of difficult.”

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February 2016

ISBN: 978-1-937823-46-7 (eBook)
ISBN: 978-1-937823-47-4 (Print)

Kynan has appeared in or been mentioned in nearly all the books so far. Those of you who have read the series to date know he’s had a difficult past and that he is an extremely powerful demon. He had an encounter with a witch named Maddy Winters very early on that did not go well. This book explores what happened between Maddy and him and how that event has consequences today.

About the Book

A Demon Warlord Bound by Dark Magic…

Kynan Aijan’s centuries-long enslavement to a mage left him borderline insane and bound to Maddy Winters, a witch he intended to kill in horrible ways. Though he’s sworn the bonds they share will never be completed, their very existence feeds his desire for her even as he accepts that Winters will never forgive him.

…to the Powerful Witch He’s Desired for Years.

For Maddy Winters the fight against evil magic users always takes top priority. But her bonds to Kynan give her intimate access to his thoughts and experiences, and she can’t always ignore their chemistry. Her insistence that she has no feelings for him is a deception she can’t afford to give up.

As Kynan and Maddy join forces to stop a rebellious and murderous witch, the dark magic that binds them locks them into forbidden passions and magic that could destroy them both. Will their fight for what’s right lead to a fight for each other?

My Demon Warlord is the seventh installment in the My Immortals series of paranormal romance novels. If you like magical supernatural tales, explosive chemistry, and irresistible passion, then you'll love Carolyn Jewel’s latest breathtaking romance.

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