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The base of Gray’s spine turned glacier cold. She didn’t have time to worry about what that meant. She had bigger problems to deal with. Besides, any normal person would have a reaction if she happened to be stuck in a room with a monster who had enough magic to fry her without even trying hard.

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Second Edition

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Sometimes revenge and love go hand-in-hand.

Grayson “Gray” Spencer’s life as she knew it was over. Years of torture will do that to a person. Just when she’d given up all hope, someone sacrificed himself to save her and transformed Gray from a human into a mage. Determined to master her powers and exact revenge on those who imprisoned her, she must team up with a posh but sexy demon who will teach her everything… as long as she swears fealty to him.

Durian protects humankind from harm at the hands of his fellow demons. The highly trained assassin wants nothing to do with the punkish Gray, but her abilities are exactly what he needs to fulfill his mission.

Soon enough, Durian and Gray are bound together in a secret quest… and a fiery passion that makes the demon question everything he’s ever known. Their feelings threaten not only their hearts, but their entire society. They may survive, but how much will they lose in the process?

My Immortal Assassin is a dark, sexy paranormal romance. If you like feisty heroines, compelling story lines, and steamy chemistry, then you’ll love the standalone third installment of Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortal series.

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I have made significant revisions to the book. This is a second edition that corrects the several typographical errors in the first edition (Grand Central Publishing, Forever). While I was addressing those fixes, I also fully revised the story to reflect my original vision of the series and this story in particular.

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Romantic Times 4 1/2 stars

The lines in the war between Magekind and Fiends continue to blur in the next installment of Jewel’s exhilarating My Immortal series. The protagonists in this drama have both suffered terribly, giving them a common ground and enemy. Jewel provides her fans with a terrific tale that has action aplenty and drama to spare. Great stuff!
Jill M. Smith Read full review

Alternative Worlds

Fast-paced from the moment Gray and Durian meet on the streets of San Francisco
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Publisher’s Weekly

Jewel’s third paranormal (after 2009’s My Forbidden Desire) is an exciting return to a world of demons and mages.

BookPage - Romance of the Month - Top Pick!

Dark, edgy and laced with thrilling desire, My Immortal Assassin will set readers’ hearts racing.
Christie Ridgway
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The Book Reading Gals

Carolyn Jewel is a master storyteller. The world that she has created is in this reviewer’s humble opinion one of the best in the paranormal and romance genre. The conflict between the fiends and the mages is a perfect combination.

The hero and heroine are a perfect complement to each other. One of the best things about Carolyn’s characters is that they are not perfect people. They have issues, and they impact everything that they do, and how they behave to each other and those around them.

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Renee’s Book Reading Addiction

One of the things that made My Immortal Assassin a stand out in the series for me is the relationship between Gray and Durian. More than any other book in the series, there is a give and take to their relationship that is really refreshing. While Grey has “submitted” (not in a D/s way, but in a magical way) by binding herself to him, rather than being subservient to him, she is pledged to protect him, and becomes his bodyguard. As Gray increasingly comes into her power, she assumes a more protective role toward Durian that male heroes more typically take on. I really liked this shift in traditional power dynamics.

And, despite this reversal, Durian is as bad-ass as ever, struggling with his increasingly protective feeling towards Gray, while relishing her growing abilities and her desire to protect him. He sees her protection of him and it affects him in a way that it new to the usually cold and detached assassin. Gray’s and Durian’s chemistry is great, and they both feed so much from this dynamic.

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Night Owl Reviews - Top Pick

This is the third installment of Carolyn Jewel’s My Immortal Series. Ms. Jewel is able to bring a different world to light that is hidden from normal people. . . a world of Mages, Witches, and Fiends. The interaction between the characters is very entertaining. This book was hard to put down. I can’t wait for the next installment to come out. If you like romance and action along with a bit of magic thrown in then this series is for you. Keep your eyes open for the next installment coming in June titled My Dangerous Pleasure.

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Visit my About the Series page for more information on the My Immortals series and what characters you can expect to read about.

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