The first thing Gwilym, Earl of Banallt, noticed when he rounded the drive was Sophie perched on the ledge of a low fountain. Surely, he thought, some other explanation existed for the hard, slow thud of his heart against his ribs. After all, he hadn’t seen her in well over a year. They had not parted on the best of terms. He ought to be over her by now. And yet the jolt of seeing her again shot straight through to his soul.

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A proper young widow. A reformed rake. Let the game of love begin.

WOW. Simply, wow. That is the only word I can use to describe this masterpiece. (Romance Novel TV)

Most women fall at the feet of the scandalous Earl of Banallt, but not Sophie Mercer Evans. The young wife of a fellow libertine is unconventional, brilliant, and not the least bit interested in the earl’s advances. Sophie refuses to be seduced, and soon Banallt wants her more than ever.

Years later, unrequited love has changed Banallt and the widowed Sophie is free of her scoundrel of a husband. When he makes a declaration of love, the heartbroken Sophie can’t help but deny him.

As her life begins to fall apart, only Banallt stands by her. Can she keep herself from giving into a passionate affair with a rake who can’t be trusted?

Scandal is a Regency romance novel featuring a complex and dysfunctional pair. If you like intense passion, deep emotions, and unpredictable plots, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s pulse-pounding and wonderfully-written tale of love.

Buy Scandal today to see if an imperfect couple can find true happiness.

2010 RITA Finalist for Best Regency Historical

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print ISBN: 978-1-937823-13-9

Berkley Sensation
February 3, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22551-6

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What's he really like? Meet Lord Banallt
All about Sophie Mercer Evans
Other characters: John Mercer, Tommy Evans, Fidelia Llewellyn, etc


Romantic Times - 4 Stars

Jewel plays readers' emotions like a virtuoso, ensuring they will eagerly follow her characters into dramatic, intensely passionate and gripping love stories that will steal your heart and make you beg for more. She grabs you at the first word and never lets go.

Summary: The Earl of Banallt takes pride in his status as a rake, but even a rogue can fall in love, and he does -- with his friend's wife, Sophie Evans.

Unconventional, smart, witty and yet filled with quiet reserve, Sophie takes his breath away. But she won't fall into his arms even after her husband's death. Banallt is determined to prove to Sophie he's a changed man. He no longer thrives on debauchery, but he has no idea of the secrets Sophie hides nor the deep passion he awakens in her and the longing she denies. If she surrenders, Sophie fears she'll lose her independence and her very soul.

-- Kathe Robin
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Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books - B+ This book took my breath

...there's a richness and a poignancy that elevates the entire book to a whole other level of "good."

It's impossible to sum up this book in mere tropes. It's a story of two people who had to grow up to appreciate each other, and it's a story of survival and strength, trust and renewal. The characters are older than the standard hero and heroine you encounter in romance. It's difficult to read at times, and bleak in others, but throughout, both in the past and the present of the story, Jewel weaves a furious sexual tension between Banallt and Sophie that reaches and maintains scorching levels.

This book took my breath away.
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Romance Novel TV - Grade: 5 +++++++ stars

WOW. Simply, wow. That is the only word I can use to describe this masterpiece. It has been such a long time since I have read such a rich, emotional and tension filled romance. Not only did Scandal have me hooked from the very first page, but this is the first book, in a very long time, where I had to read straight through into the wee hours of the night because I couldn't put it down. When an author can write such a book, that book is destined for greatness. I wouldn't be surprised if Scandal becomes one of the favorites of 2009, and perhaps placed on most reader's lists for all time favorite historical.

Both Banallt and Sophie are very complex characters who have such intense feelings for one another. What I loved most about Banallt, is the way he sees Sophie. She is known as not being a great beauty, rather petite and very plain looking, but because Banallt has such intense feelings for her, he thinks she is the most gorgeous woman he has ever known. There were times I expected him to fall on his knees before Sophie and kiss her feet because he adores her so. The one thing that makes Banallt so different from other rogues is the deep respect he has for Sophie. Not only does he cherish her body, but also her mind. Their conversations and discussions are when he first fell in love with her. Sophie also respects Banallt and truly does care for him, but she can't get passed her own bias towards men who are unfaithful, she places Banallt in that category, because he too was married, and cheated on his own deceased wife.

Usually I tend to look down upon a hero that has so many lovers they're tripping over one another. But the way Carolyn has written Banallt, and they way he treats Sophie and his feelings for her, I couldn't help but feel for him, especially when it came to claiming Sophie. And when Sophie allows him to, you may just break down in tears.

Scandal is a must read book that should not be passed by. Carolyn Jewel has written a mature and emotional romance that has everything from passion, love and most importantly respect. The respect that a man and woman can have for one another.

-- Kate Garrabrant
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All About Romance - B+

Readers looking for a deeply emotional and very well-written book will love this one. I have a certain weakness for flawed but redeemable characters, and this tale very much hit the spot. I cannot wait to see more historicals from this author in the future.
-- Lynn Spencer
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Harriet Klausner - Genre Go Round

Sophie makes this character driven Regency romance into a great story as she has learned her lesson re falling in love with rakes as unlike the myths that they make the most faithful dedicated spouses, they remain rogues charming to others while ignoring their wives. Thus Gwilym knows he has an extremely difficult task ahead to prove to his beloved he is just like the legends of reformed rakes and not like her late spouse. Fans will relish this jewel of a historical.
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