The Viscount’s First Kiss

April, 2018

About The Viscount’s First Kiss

Cover of The Viscount's First Kiss by Carolyn Jewel

Viscount Daunt and the painfully shy Magdalene Carter turn friendship into love in their search for a legendary medieval manuscript.

For years, the Viscount Daunt loved Magdalene Carter, the widow of a long-time friend and mentor. She’s a brilliant and original thinker whose shyness often paralyzes her, but no one is more knowledgeable about their shared passion for medieval tomes. When he enlists her aid in the search for the legendary Duke’s Book of Knowledge, a book he must find in just ten short days, he hopes to transform their friendship into love.

The Viscount’s First Kiss is a novella that original appeared in the anthology How to Find a Duke in Ten Days. The anthology is fabulous but you can also read just my story.

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