Street Witch Series

In a world upended, Street Witches come into their power

About The Street Witch Series

An exciting new Fantasy Romance series.

This is a work in progress.

Found On The internet in the Months After.

Fedyr2020: I, for one, welcome our pointy-eared overlords. I just wanna know what to call them.

Nlin7: Elf, elves, elven. Elvish. Ref Tolkien am I right?

Fedyr2020: So they’re elves not orcs?

PedantAmyPHD: Any of those words constitute an absolutely epic misnomer of what they are. Tolkien made up orcs, and elves are folklore and just as fictional as orcs.

Fedyr2020: So what do I call them?

LostHereThere: Mommy?

PedantAmyPHD : The Sinque Aelfisc. The Fifth People is a decent translation. Also, they rarely have pointed ears. ;-)

BearHat55: OP the lying media call them elfs because they dont want anyone to know the truth or we’d have shot their asses b4 it was 2late. Kill 1 and you can see the devil horns. They hide their wings in there back. Mfuckers are demons from hell.

Nlin7:Amy, you might want to read the Nature article “Vapor Reek, Chaotic Sentience, and the rise of the Sinque Aelfisc.” It’s widely considered the seminal work on the subject. I think you’ll find it helpful.

PedantAmyPHD: No. None of that’s true. There’s no such thing as demons either.

PedantAmyPHD: Nlin7, I am aware of the paper you mention because I wrote it.

BearHat55: Bitch. Ima come to your house and show you a fucking elf.

PendantAmyPHD: The Sinque Aelfisc are best understood as nature come to life. If nature were incandescently angry. They don’t have horns or wings or tails. Yes, they tend to be as tall or taller than any human, stronger, faster, and longer-lived. And highly intelligent. Not human (but also not demon). 1/2

LostHereThere: They do magic. Of course they’re not human. We’re fucking doomed.

PendantAmyPHD: Their ability to impose structure and intention on chaos is, as the saying goes, indistinguishable from magic. So let’s call it magic :-) Even though it’s not. And it’s limited in scope and range. They’re not invincible.

BearHat55: The fucking cursed do magic and their human. RU cursed, Lost? I bet your cursed, Amy. I know your ugly. I saw the pics. Kill your self or I’ll show you what a real man does to a cursed bitch.

PedantAmyPHD: The notion that humans can develop this ability is, frankly, nonsense.

BearHat55: Should of 2Ad they’re asses on day 1.

PendantAnyPHD: The Sinque are rare, and thank your deity of choice for that. Yes, they’ve disrupted everything, but if you live where there’s vapor reek, let me ask you, when was the last time a wildfire or hurricane leveled your neighborhood? 2/2

Fedyr2020: What does any of this have to do with my question? What do we call them?

BellsOnToes: Daddy?

LostHereThere: Maybe nature created them too late.

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