Feeling Desperate About Getting Published

Rejection stings. Get more than a few of them (you probably will) and you start to feel, well, desperate. But you can learn from it and refuse to let it ruin your writing life.

What to do when you're feeling Desperate

Believe me, I know how it feels to have a pile of rejections from agents and publishers. It feels like the door is not just shut in your face, but locked tight, plus you need a really long ladder just to reach the door. My opinion here, but this is an indication of one or more of the following:

Rejection is a part of the business. Even very, very good writers get rejected.

  1. Your book needs more work
  2. Your query and/or synopsis sucks
  3. You're targeting the wrong publishers
  4. You're not being patient

Your Book Needs More Work

This is the most common reason for not getting published. If you're not willing to admit this is possible, then you're going to continue feeling frustrated. I've been there myself, people. Consider the possibility and get to work. Learn the craft.

I know from judging and participating in critique groups and on-line writers groups that many, many writers don't see the flaws in their work and can't hear or accept anything but praise. If you're getting nothing but rejections, give serious consideration to whether this might be true of you. Try going back over old criticisms of your work. Assume, for the sake of argument, that the comments are on target. Is it possible there's a few kernels of truth in there?

Your Query Sucks

They're hard to write. Sigh. Just keep plugging away at it. Are you telling about the leaves when you should be describing the forest?

You're targeting the wrong publishers

Do your homework.

You're not being patient

Not much to say here. It takes time. Rejection is a part of the business. Even very, very good writers get rejected. Sigh.

Other possibilities

Well, it's possible you're ahead of the curve and editors are not ready for what you're writing. But I think that's pretty hard to believe in the romance genre.

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