Reviews for books in Liz Maverick’s Crimson City Series

The fight continues for Crimson City and the “new players” in town are demons who have found a way between worlds.

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Michele Patrykus of Paranormal Romance Reviews

a crimson jewel with vampires, weres, humans and now demons

Ms. Jewel has lived up to her name and given us a crimson jewel - the fourth book in Crimson City series. This is a big success for her as she changes from writing Historical to Dark romance.

The fight continues for Crimson City and the “new players” in town are demons who have found a way between worlds. Officer Claudia Donovan is used to fighting. From her childhood in one of the worst parts of town, to bettering herself to raise her daughter in a better life, Claudia has not given up. Holly’s father has now sent her home to grandma... who knew he was a demon? Claudia teams up with a “fang” to get her daughter back. Tiberiu Korzha is a vampire with a “rep” and as head of his family; he has been on both high society sheet and police mug sheets. Tiberiu’s real mission is track down rogue vampires. The next rogue is in Orcus; on the demon side of the portal and the only way through is with Claudia.

Sinclair Reid of Romance Reviews Today

A DARKER CRIMSON is a fast-paced, attention-grabbing, action-packed hell of ride into the unknown demon world. Claudia is a tough-as-nails cop and a loving mother all rolled into one. . . The chemistry between Tiber and Claudia is intense, emotional, and simmers just beneath the surface, adding another level to the dangerous situation they are in. Another ingredient added into the turbulent mixture is Lath, the Bak-Faru demon who happens to be Claudia’s vishtau mate. He wants nothing to do with Claudia, but the connection of the vishtau soon captures them in its grip and neither can fight it.

Jewel of a tale . . . says Harrier Klausner of The Best Reviews

The Crimson City saga has produced three previous great tales with each enhancing the realm set forth from the previous tale. However, the fourth novel, A DARKER CRIMSON, is the best jewel yet as the problems between humans, demons, vampires, and werewolves, etc. explodes into the open. The key cast members insure vampires, demons, and those humans living along side these paranormal creatures seem real so that fans receive a terrific thriller that sets quite a high bar for the next story to achieve.

Crimson City Reviews

Liz Maverick’s Crimson City is getting great reviews!

From Sabrina Marino’s review on Fresh Fiction

CRIMSON CITY is the first in a welcome and exciting new six-book action series that paranormal romance enthusiasts will really enjoy. It’s a world of cultures so different, but so intertwined, they must learn to live in harmony if they are to survive. Two strong characters must make choices that mean personal sacrifice for the good of humanity and are ultimately rewarded for their efforts. Read full Review

From Harriet Klausner’s review on The Readers Guild:
...CRIMSON CITY is the exhilarating opening paranormal romantic suspense thriller that will have the audience on the edge of their seat wondering if the star-crossed heroes can avert a cross-species war.

Great Reviews for Marjorie M. Liu’s A Taste of Crimson

[A Taste of Crimson] delivers a high-tension plot and protagonists so appealing that you might be tempted to invite them over for dinner-despite one being a werewolf and the other a vampire...Liu has a knack for making far-fetched circumstances seem feasible, and she draws characters with such precision - down to their dialect and mannerisms - that they practically step off the page. The too tidy conclusion may disappoint, but the fireworks between Keeli and Michael won’t.

Through A Crimson Veil by Patti O’Shea. . . vivid, spellbinding and impossible to put down

Says Tanzey Cutter of Fresh Fiction: I got so involved in THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL, I could not put it down. Even with all the dark, evil undertones of the futuristic time and place, her character development is first-rate and believable, her dialogue is crisp and snappy, and her narrative is vivid and spellbinding. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary in paranormal romance reading, I highly recommend this one.

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