Excerpts from Primary Texts

These are mostly texts I came across while I was in grad school that, even if not relevant to my research directly, were too relevant or neat not to keep.

  • Putting costs in perspective - How to compare historical British pounds to today's US Dollar, with the prices of some items taken from historical sources and converted to 2003 dollars.
  • Ad for an abortionist?, From Le Beau Monde, October 1807
  • Secret Correspondence From Le Beau Monde, December 1807: Very amusing letter, can be read in two ways.
  • "Letter" to the Editor of Le Beau Monde, December 1806. A rather deft satire of authors that may sound a bit familiar to Romance authors. There's a some greek I need to get web-ready, but here it is anyway
  • Want Ads from the Times
  • Items from the Edinburgh Weekly Journal (1802)
  • Items from the Edinburgh Weekly Journal (Nov - 1802)
  • Theatre Listings from The Times August 10, 1816. Several things to note: The 10th was the last day of the Opera Season, you'll find prices according to seating, and a range of surprising performances. Lastly, an announcement of the celebration of the Regent's birthday. A must-read if you're a Regency freak.

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