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November 3, 1802


JOHN WALKER and SON have OPENED a SCHOOL in Moffat's Circle, Head of the West Row, where they teach the following Branches of Education, vis. ENGLISH, after the most approved manner ; the ELEMENTS of the LATIN TONGUE ; WRITING, plain and ornamental ; ARITHMETIC, BOOK-KEEPING, GEOMETRY, TRIGONOMETRY, LAND SURVEYING, and DRAWING.
Gentlemen favoring them with the Education of their Children, may depend upon the strictest attention being paid to their education and morals.
N.B. Attendance from eight in the morning till ten at night, and private hours if required.
[pointing finger] ORAMENTAL PIECES wrote on the shortest notice.

New Teas
R. Sheppard & Co.
South Street Bridge

HAVE received from the June Sale, a complete assortment of BLACK and GREEN TEAS.
The Souchong at 5s. 6d. and 6s with fine Hyson at 8s. They in particular recommend a delicious flavored Strong Teas. Their Pekoe at 8s and 9s. with Cochineal Gun Powder Hyson at 14s cannot be excelled.
Good Bohea only 2s. 6d. Best 3s. ---Congou Leaf 3s. 6d.
Good Congou 4s. Middling 4s. 6d. Fine 5s.
Fine Souchong, 5s. 6d. Superfine 6s.
Pekoe Souchong, 7s. Fine 8s. Superfine 9s.
Hyson Green Ordinary 6s. Fine 7s. Superfine 8s. Gunpowder Hyson only 10s. Fine 1.25. Cochineal 1.4s
Bloem Green 5s. 6d. Fine 6s.
* * Dealers will be supplied in Lots or Chests, either delivered here, or at the India House, in the Original Packages, on such terms as they hope will merit a continuence of their favors.
West and East India COFFEE, Roasted and Raw.
Patent and Plain CHOCOLATE and COCAO, with Fresh SPICERIES and GROCERIES.
SUGARS at Cost, to Tea Customers.
+++ Orders, with money or Bank Bills, or respectible references, will be particuarly attended to.
N.B. ---17oz each pound of Black Tea.

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