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Selected Want Items from The Edinburgh Weekly Journal

December 15, 1802

Not fewer than three instances of bad behavior in maid servants were last week brought before the Magistrates, who uniformly fined them, and applied the fines to the use of the Magdalen Asylum.

The Aberdeen Assurance Company, against losses by fire, has procured, at considerable expense, a fire engine, of the most approved construction, with a complete set of apparatus for the use of the inhabitants. They have placed it under the care of the Commissioners of Police, who have under constant engagement 20 porters accustomed to the management of the fire engines, in case of accident from fire.

The inhabitants residing in the High Street of Perth, between the Meal Venmal and the Town House, have raised by subscription among themselves a sum sufficient to defray the expense of four watchmen for four months.

At special sessions lately holden in Halifax, a course [?] was tried between a Clergyman and the keeper of a toll-gate, wherein it was determined by the sitting Magistrate------ "That a Clergyman going on duty, is every where exempt from the payment of Toll.

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