Want Ads from the Times


April 17, 1816

WANTS A SITUATION, a young person of respectable connexions and genteel address, where she may be actively employed ; she has been accustomed to shop in the haberdashery business, and would like to be engaged in a similar concern ; can assist, if required, in the writing department, and would be willing to make herself generally useful, either in town or country. Address A. B. 2, Canterbury-place, bottom of West Street, Walworth.

LAW - A GENTLEMAN, who is admitted, who served his articles with a solicitor in London, and has since been in the chambers of a conveyancer for a twelvemonth, is desirous of taking the MANAGEMENT of the BUSINESS of any Gentleman of respectability, for a short time, with a prospect of his being admitted into partnership upon payment of a moderate premium., Apply by letter, post paid, to R. S. at Mrs. Woodham's, stationer, 34 Holbern.

COUNTRY-HOUSE WANTED, three to five miles from town, to RENT or PURCHASE, consisting of two or three sitting rooms, and five or six good bed-rooms, chaise-house and stable : a good garden indispensible; Kentish-town or Hampstead would have rather a preference, but at all events where the coaches are passing. Address situation and lowest terms to Y. Z. at Mssrs. Penley and Bloye's, stationer's 444 Strand, post-paid.

WITHIN Three Miles of Hyde-park corner, to be DISPOSED of, furnished or unfurnished, or a LEASE of sixty years, a modern FAMILY RESIDENCE, on a moderate scale, situate a short distance to the south from the high western road, comprising a good dining-room and breakfast parlor, a large drawing room, seven airy bed-chambers, a dressing room, a most cheerful parlor, opening to the lawn with a very good and light kitchen and offices, roomy cellerage, coach-house, stables and a large enclosed yard for poultry, a most excellent kitchen and pleasure garden, lawn, shrubbery, grapery, and paddock, all in complete order, well supplied with fine water and ready for immediate occupation. Apply to Mssrs. Wilson, upholders, 128 Strand.

ROSS, 119 Bishopsgate-street-within three doors from the London tavern. - His new inventions, and particularly his new fashions, so much admired and distinguished for elegance, ease and natural appearance at the Queen's drawing-room on Thursday, March 21, sufficiently prove his pre-eminence above all competition. By thirty year's studious application to the principles of his profession, he had been enabled to introduce to the public one of the most extraordinary discoveries in the system of WIG-MAKING that human imagination could suggest, and which have obtained the appellation of "Ross's Heads of Hair." Art here arises to the most accurate semblance of nature, the superficies of the skin and complexional colours of the head, are most astonishingly imitated, and appear as the ground-work and base upon which the hair is fixed; every particle is so admirably constructed as to admit the most minute examination without the possibility of discovery, and the whole system is so exquisitely woven as to combine the useful elegance and taste with the most happy appearance of nature.

TO CAPITALISTS, --- To be SOLD, the MOIETY of an advantageous WHOLESALE and RETAIL CONCERN, which has been long established ; the sum required will be about 8,000l. which will be accepted in installments. Principals to state their real names and address, in letters, post-paid to J.J. at Messrs. Hooper and Leachman's, solictors, George st.Mansions-house.

TO be SOLD, one of the handsomest dark brown thorough-bred GELDINGS in England ; full 15 1/2 hands-high and only six years old; can trot 14 miles an hour, in or out of harness, and with sufficient speed to win a hunter's stake; is a steady and safe leaper ; figure and action very good ; his courage high, but yet so temperate and safe, that a lady, or the most timid gentleman may either ride him or drive him; and is equally good in single as he is in double harness, and for a tilbury or a tandem he is not to be equalled. Any nobleman or man of fashion, wanting a very good horse, or having one to match him, has now an opportunity that seldom offers. The horse never was in the hands of a dealer, and late the property of a son of a nobleman deceased; he is master of 14 stone, will be warranted sound, and a trial of three or four days will not be objected to: price 75 guineas. Inquire for Robert, the groom, at the Black Swan, Little Carter-lane, Doctor's commons, who will show the horse and for pedigree &c. will refer to the owner.

A PATENT HAT of MATCHLESS QUALITIES.--- RICHARDS and Co. solicit the public patronage in favor of this hat ; it is made of silk, and of the finest texture; it can be distinguished from the very best beaver by its superior shape and beauty, having the same pliability and lightness, and will out-wear two of them. The rain will never injure the patent hat ; and the colour, which is unchangeable, surpasses any thing ever seen. It will be found the cheapest and most elegant hat ever offered to the public ; price 26s. Manufactured by Richards and Co., 393 Strand, opposite Cecil-street.

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