Characters From My Forbidden Desire - Alexandrine

Premonitions were her thing. If there was anything reliable about her limited ability to use magic, that was it. Some things she just knew. It wasn't any big deal to look into someone's eyes and realize sanity was lacking. Any loser with half the empathy doled out to regular folks could do that.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Alexandrine Marit
Hair:  Platinum Blonde
Eyes:  Light Brown
Height:  6'0"
Race:  Human witch


Alexandrine was adopted when she was three. Her adoptive mother loved her, but died when she was young. Her adoptive father was not very nice. She ran away from home when she was barely 14. She has some issues.


Her real father is the mage Rasmus Kessler. She doesn't know who her real mother was. Her brother, by adoption, is Harsh Marit who disappeared shortly before she ran away from home.


What's that?

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