Characters From The Spare - The Black Earl

"I saw him as clear and solid as I see you right now, and then he disappeared. I don't want that." Sebastian pushed away the glass proffered by his valet.

"Pennhyll, my dear Captain Alexander, is haunted--"

Vital Statistics

Name:  The Black Earl
Title:  4th Earl of Tiern-Cope
Hair:  Dark, dark brown
Eyes:  Icy Blue
Height:  6'0"
Age:  35 (when he died)
Birth Date:  circa 1306


When he was alive, the Black Earl is said to have preferred a melee with the Scots over tending to his family and estates.


He's reputed to have spread lies about the woman he married, locked her in a dungeon and then forced her to marry him.


According to legend, he appears to the earls of Tiern-Cope to enjoin their marriage or warn of danger. He's said to interfere in the lives of the living from dawn to dawn on the anniversary of his murder. Both Olivia and Sebastian encounter the Black Earl.

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