Characters From My Forbidden Desire

Premonitions were her thing. If there was anything reliable about her limited ability to use magic, that was it. Some things she just knew. It wasn't any big deal to look into someone's eyes and realize sanity was lacking. Any loser with half the empathy doled out to regular folks could do that.

  • Nikodemus - Warlord and powerful fiend. His life goal is to kill Alvaro Magellan and Carson Philips.
  • Carson Philips - A witch whose power has been chemically suppressed without her knowledge.
  • Alvaro Magellan - A powerful mage who used his power to extend his life. He once controlled Kynan. He's dead now.
  • Xia - A mageheld fiend with a knife. He hates witches. Really, really hates them.
  • Harsh - A mageheld fiend who may be more than he seems. Was once a human doctor.
  • Kynan Aijan- A mageheld fiend and warlord. Scary dude. He offed Magellan.
  • Iskander - A blood-twin fiend who's been cut off from his twin, Fen. Kind of a psychopath. Has three blue strips tattooed on his face.
  • Durian- A fiend and assassin. Not well liked among the kin, but loyal to Nikodemus. Ran afoul of Rasmus and may be permanently injured.
  • Rasmus Kessler - A mage who at one time controlled both Harsh and Xia.
  • Maddy Winters - A powerful witch who is a law student and Alexandrine's best friend. Kynan thinks she's hot. Uh-oh.
  • Christoph - A powerful mage.

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