Characters From My Wicked Enemy - Harsh

Like her, he was adopted, so they weren't genetically related. Different parents entirely. They didn't look anything alike. He was tall, dark and exotically handsome and she was tall, platinum blonde and probably a little above average in the looks department. She and Harsh might not have a blood relation, but everything else that mattered said they were brother and sister.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Harsh Marit
Hair:  Dark dark brown
Age:  Who knows for sure?
Race:  That's not really clear


Harsh Marit was adopted when he was three. He was ten when his parents adopted Alexandrine. He's went to Harvard Med and ended up doing an oncology Post Doc at the University of California at San Francisco. Then he met Fen and Iskander and life changed. He ran afoul of the mage Rasmus Kessler.


Right now, none. He's loyal to Nikodemus who knows there's something different about him. And there is.

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