Characters From DX, in Shards of Crimson - Helen

The way the briefing room went silent Hell Marshall knew she was on the outside of an inside joke. Jim West, Chief Division Agent for U.S. Internal-Operations in the City of Los Angeles, gripped the projector remote in one hand and a red penlight in the other. I-Ops was the law enforcement and surveillance arm of the government. Battlefield Operations was military, the muscle on the streets. I-Ops was pencil-pushers, spooks and cops and a few other things nobody admitted. West signaled one of the field agents to hit the lights. The room went dark. He clicked the remote and two seconds later Hell understood the silence. Shit.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Helen "Hell" Marhsall
Hair:  Dark
Eyes:  brown
Height:  5'5 or so.
Age:  24


Bright. Eager. A rising star at I-Ops. After her relationship with Tuan Ng blows up, she's seen as a fang-banger. Known for thinking on her feet.


Has an Aunt Lucy who owns a place in Bodega Bay, California.


Her relationship with vampire Tuan Ng was a disaster that got her fired. He wants to convert her, she wants to stay human. She tends to like those bad boys so Jaden Lightfeather really does it for her.

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