Characters From My Wicked Enemy - Iskander

I swear I will grab one later.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Iskander
Hair:  Black to brown
Eyes:  Blue
Age:  Who knows for sure?
Race:  demoh


He’s a former blood-twin who’s become unstable since the bond with his twin sister, Fen, was severed. He has three cobalt-blue stripes tattooed on the left side of his face. The tat colors his eyeball and his eyelashes. Sometimes they glow.


There used to be his sister. Now there’s not. He does like to hit the bars and cull out the intelligent women. No one’s sure what he does with them. He comes back relaxed and since no one’s found any bodies, yet, all’s well, right?

Iskander’s story is told in My Dangerous Pleasure

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