Characters From My Wicked Enemy - Alvaro Magellan

Someone was following her. Carson recognized him from her stop at the sidewalk coffee vendor twenty minutes ago. She was at a Chinatown intersection, waiting for the walk signal to change color. And so was he. The same man. For one thing, his height was unmistakable. People crowded the corner, waiting like she was. When she glanced over her shoulder, she recognized him because she'd seen him twice already. His gaze swept across her, and she looked away quickly. Her heart beat so hard and so fast she had to breathe through her mouth. Streaks of color flashed at the edges of her vision, a sure precursor to total debilitation. If Magellan had sent him, she was as good as dead.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Alvaro Magellan
Hair:  Dark
Age:  Older than he ought to be
Race:  mage


Alvaro Magellan scares everyone who knows what he really is. He sought out Carson Philips when she was quite young. He's obsessed with gathering objects of power, talismans that contain magic that can be used and absorbed. He masquarades as an expert in human mythology and artifacts because that makes it easy to get his hands on rare and powerful objects. Like the one Carson stole from him.


None. And that's no accident.


He has a relationship with Kynan Aijan. Kynan does not share Magellan's desire.

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