Characters From The Spare - Olivia Willow, Visount FitzAlan

"I saw him as clear and solid as I see you right now, and then he disappeared. I don't want that." Sebastian pushed away the glass proffered by his valet.

"Pennhyll, my dear Captain Alexander, is haunted--"

Vital Statistics

Name:  Sebastian Alexander
Title and Rank:  Earl of Tiern-Cope and Captain in the Royal Navy
Hair:  Dark, dark brown
Eyes:  Icy blue
Height:  6'1"
Age:  30
Birth Date:  5 August, 1781


A naval hero, renowed for his daring and courage in the war against Napoleon. Twelve years in His Majesty's Royal Navy has worn away his social polish. He terrifies everyone and doesn't give a damn. When he turns his considerable energies to discovering who murdered his brother Andrew, he uncovers a tragic secret about Olivia Willow, the copper-haired spinster he considers, for a time, his prime suspect. He doesn't for a minute believe in the Black Earl.


He's the youngest of three brothers and as The Spare, he never expected to inherit the title. His eldest brother, Crispin, died thirteen years ago and Andrew is murdered shortly after the death of his father.


He knows he must begin his family, and now that he's recovering from a near fatal wound, he's determined to marry and return to the war as soon as possible. His friend, James, viscount Fitzalan, has everything neatly arranged: His sister Diana is eminently suitable to be Sebastian's wife. The problem is that it's Olivia Willow, with her tragic past, who fascinates him. Soon, he'd do anything to keep her from learning the truth about his brother.

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