Characters From Indiscreet - Sabine Godard

Lord Foye was head and shoulders taller than she. His hair was dark, not quite black, and quite willful in its curls. His eyes were the same blue as the Mediterranean. His nose was hooked, and the remainder of his features were set irregularly in his face, as if someone had put the parts together and then given him a hard shake before everything had quite settled into place.

Sabine Godard is an orphan who grew up with and was educated by her uncle, Oxford don Henry Godard. She has blond hair and brown eyes and is very pretty. She has no idea until she comes to London that her education is at all unusual. She's used to the intellectual world her uncle immersed her in. She intends to do exactly as her uncle expects, which is take care of him. She loves her uncle and understands very well the sacrifices he's made for her.

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