Characters From Scandal - Sophie Mercer Evans

The first thing Gwilym, earl of Banallt noticed when he rounded the driveway was Sophie perched on the ledge of a low fountain. Surely he thought, some other explanation existed for the hard, slow thud of his heart against his ribs. After all, he hadn't seen her in well over a year. Nearly two years, and they had not parted on the best of terms. He ought to be over her by now. And yet the jolt of seeing her again shot straight through to his soul.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Sophie Mercer Evans
Hair:  Honey brown
Eyes:  Blue-green
Height:  5'1 barely"
Age:  24
Birth Date:  30 April 1788


At 17 she ran away with Thomas Evans, a fortune hunter who promptly left her in the country. She was very much in love with her husband, who was killed in a riding accident. His death left her destitute and forced her to move back to Havenwood.


Sophie's brother, John Mercer, is her only living relation, aside from some distanct cousins she's never met.


Her husband's infidelities broke her heart. She never wants to feel like that again.


Not far from Duke's Head on the eastern coast of England and only two miles from the earl of Banallt's seat, Castle Darmaed.

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