Characters From My Forbidden Desire - Xia

Premonitions were her thing. If there was anything reliable about her limited ability to use magic, that was it. Some things she just knew. It wasn't any big deal to look into someone's eyes and realize sanity was lacking. Any loser with half the empathy doled out to regular folks could do that.

Vital Statistics

Name:  Xia
Hair:  Black and curly
Eyes:  Neon blue. Sometimes white
Height:  6'4"
Age:  Who knows for sure?
Race:  fiend


Xia was once the mageheld fiend of Rasmus Kessler. There's nothing he hates more than witches. Really. He has a Harley and a knife he made himself. The knife is scary. So is Xia.


Right. Like Xia's ever going to fall in love when there are so many willing women out for a scary thrill. Eff-you, baby. Well, there is Alexandine Marit. But she's a witch, so Xia hates her on principal. Uh huh.

When he Changes


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