References for Romance Fiction


Writing References

A writer needs to be armed with the tools of the trade and the most useful of those tools is knowledge. Acquire it and use it.

Bibilography - Useful books and other sources

Books on the Craft of Writing

Tools of the Trade: All about pens, pencils, notebooks and computers

Most of these are secondary and even tertiary sources, so you should independently cooborate the information. And, of course, since you have found this information on the web, even the primary sources should be independently verified since I could be making them up. I'm not, but you don't know that for sure.

Aristocrats and What to Say When You Meet One or Need to Write about One

Underwear and What People Wore to Bed

Some stuff about Houses. Right now, Burlington House

About Hair Dyes (Original Source - 1866)

English Titles (from Original Source 1885)

Semaphore and Telegraph

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