No, I’ve not forgotten the blog. Am at nearly 60K now. Characters shaping up nicely. Have some loose ends that need care but am honing in on those. Now definitely a story with ghost elements. I joined character think tank and plotting think tank, both e-mail lists where you submit info re characters or plot and people reply with ideas etc. Commenting for others helps me a lot. Have submitted material to Character. At this point, actually, I don’t have many concerns about my h/h. I think they work together quite well and, so far, CTT, confirms this. Will do PTT this coming week. My biggest fear is having good characters and a great plot but being unable to make the right scene choices. So, I have become utterly ruthless about deleting material. Anyway, overall, I feel good about the stuff that’s been there for a while and less certain about the stuff that hasn’t. However, I intend to continue with a laser focus on the romance and just get rid of everthing that doesn’t have to do with that.


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