All this plus laundry

Ok, it’s way too late. It’s been a busy day, only not for writing. My son has a science project due tomorrow so I was helping him out with the display and trying to explain to him why taking shortcuts is a bad idea. Then grocery shopping and the like. I bought him a Weekly World News at the checkout stand because anything that gets him to read is good. Boy Thinks Out Loud — For Real. Rodent Rodeo! Mermaid Cemetary Found! And then there were dinosours and the primordial soup. So, he’s having fun with that. All this plus laundry means I had about 20 minutes to write.

I got my blimpo chapter 1 split in two, but then I needed to have a chapter in between them, which I started on because there wasn’t anything I’d already written that could go there. I think it’ll work out. But I’m tired and didn’t get much done. Tomorrow is Open House at School, so I’ll be busy tomorrow, too.


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