The Great Agent Search Report #2

Today I mailed out the two sets of proposals requested in the two responses I’ve had so far. Tonight, I emailed 4 more. I confess, I’m doing all the email queries first, and the funny thing is, there are really only 2-4 agents I’m hot to query that don’t accept email queries. Paper last. I’m going to go broke sending stuff by mail.

The stats so far:

8 Queries Sent

2 Replies

2 Requests for Material

6 No Response Yet

Which reminds me that the other times I’ve searched for an agent, there are three or four agents who stand out in my mind as NEVER EVER having given me the courtesy of a reply. And I always include a SASE. I mean, if you can’t even bring yourself to scribble pass in teeny-tiny letters on my query, then hey, You’re off the list! And you know, even though I laughed and shook my head when one agent replied to me 9 months later, and said he’d be happy look at my material if only I had a paranormal… (by that time, I had sold the Crimson City book), but you know what? His reply was really nice, if brief, and at least he replied. So maybe I’ll query him again. With luck, he’ll reply in 10 months and say, oh so nicely, oh, if only you had an erotic fantasy proposal, by which time I will have sold some erotic fantasy project I haven’t written yet. Or maybe one of those ones I have written… Other agents are off the list because they rejected me so fast there’s no way on earth anyone looked at the query and still others are off because, one hears and sees things don’t you know.

Edited 8/16 to add: Is that weird or what? In this post, I joked about an erotic proposal and this morning at the gym, I thought of one.


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