Did I have a weekend?

I’m back from Palo Alto and the soccer tournament. The kids had a great time. My son hung out with the other kids most of the time which meant I got some unexpected blocks of time to read over the edits for DX. I got through it, and started reading Possession. Chapts 1-3 are really good. Really good. I started reading chapter 4. It’s exciting and daunting because the characters have really taken on a life of their own and now I have to keep that up.

I transferred my DX edits into a coherent (I hope) package for my editor and emailed it off. Now I have to prepare the Possession chapters I’m going to submit for Engl 530 and think about how I’ll get 19 copies made before Tuesday. Paid bills. Caught up on email. Did my soccer board meeting notes and emails those off. Made dinner, started laundry. I got a really nice email today about my historicals, The Spare and Lord Ruin. Here’s hoping I hear something soon about The Rake.

Nothing to report agent search wise, but possibly tomorrow after I speak with someone else. Also, I’ve posted Chapter 1 of DX for anyone who wants to read it. It’s available for pre-order from Amazon which also now has the cover art posted. Check it out!



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