Played Hooky today. The Great Agent Search #8

Yesterday I finished a paranormal romance that I guess I liked. I mean, I kept reading to find out what would happen, and I REALLY liked the hero. The heroine left me a bit blah. And I just never fell into the story the way I wanted to. Today I read a sort of chick-lit-y book that I liked, too, but didn’t quite love. I didn’t write. True. Didn’t. Much. Partially because I have DX in my head right now and the voice of that story is very different from, say, Possession, which I have been mentally fretting about. Why? Because the 1st three chapts are that place I want to be, and I need to be certain I keep the promise of those chapters. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate writing synopses? It’s worse when the books not written.

My conversation with the agent who asked me to call went very very well. I almost said yes right on the spot. But I’d like to think about what I’ve read and heard. Mostly the usual anxiety and self-doubt going on. What happens if I can’t write Possession the way it deserves to be written? What if I can’t pull off Bloodhand? But I can, actually.

The stats so far:

14 Queries Sent

5 Requests for Material

0 Rejections

2 offers

9 No Response Yet

4 Responses to “Played Hooky today. The Great Agent Search #8”

  1. Megan Frampton says:

    You ROCK!!!

    Yay, Carolyn! And you can totally make Possession and Bloodhand fantastic. I cannot wait for both.

    YAY! I am so happy for you.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you. Here’s hoping you’re right, right?

  3. Liz Maverick says:

    Hey, good luck with your search! 🙂


  4. Carolyn says:

    Thanks, Liz!