Looking for some pity here

I have a cold. Ick. And right now I’m in the feeling miserable stage. To speed things along, go ahead and insert several sentences of whining bathetic self-absorbtion right here. Yeah. But I’m feeling even worse that that!

The holidays are distracting me. They should stop doing that. Miss Snark needs to stop distracting me. And other my favorite bloggers need to stop posting stuff I have to read. That’s really distracting.

I’m still reading The Historian and it’s pretty good, but it’s not keeping me up at night like I expected. It’s wonderfully written, and pretty creepy, but not really creepy, which is what I expected. In short, I expected a trope-busting exploration of Dracula, and so far, I haven’t seen it in this book. But I’m not done yet. However, I am silently (unless you’re reading this out loud) suspicious that the literary folk don’t read enough genre novels to know when a trope has been really, truly and creatively busted wide open. Have none of them read MaryJanice Davidson? Did she not turn all-that-vampires-are on their collective pointy little fangs? Why, yes, she did. Further dissertation is probably unfair since I haven’t finished the book yet, and maybe that’s coming.

Last year I judged in the RITA’s, this year it’s the Golden Heart. My entries arrived today. I’m looking forward to reading them.

I have to get to work. Now.


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