Madly Writing

All-righty! Yes, I wrote a lot today. I was able to set aside many distractions and get words on the page. They were not fabulous words, but they are words that give me some structure and later I’ll be going over them and really editing and fixing. Today, I was creating the bones. I had to delete a lot, though, so my word count looked worse than the number of new words written. At least this chapter (7) is now the skeleton of this version and all the stuff from the older version is gone. A couple of unexpected things happened, and I went with it. We’ll see how much I get done tomorrow. Probably not a lot. I have presents to wrap, and my son needs to do some shopping. And I think the two of us need to relax a bit together doing mom and son stuff.

I am really, really glad about getting so much done today. I was afraid I’d futz around too much. Again. I have Tuesday off, too, so it’s an extra long weekend. I’m looking forward to that a lot. Mostly the sleeping part. My cold is markedly better. Sleeping yesterday afternoon helped a lot, but I’m dead tired right now, so I’m going to bed.



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