The Early Post

Couple of things:

First, in writing news, I think the chapters for Scandal are ready to go. The synopsis needs more work, but I know what I need to do so I’m not utterly cast down.

The Spare is being translated into Italian. Go figure! Very nice. I think Dorchester Publishers‘s new president is being more aggressive about monitizing their books, which is good for authors. Now all those Italians who requested bookmarks from me will be able to read something of mine in Italian! Some of the emails, by the way, were entirely in Italian. Bablefish made a hash of translating them, but I have enough French to muddle through, plus the context was pretty apparent. For all I really know, though, some Italian is even now looking at a bookmark for A Darker Crimson and saying the Italian equivalent of WTF?

I had something else, but I forget. I’ll remember later.


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