Switching Gears Is Hard to Do

Scandal is off to my agent. She’s let me know she got it. (Writer’s neurosis off to a running start Yadda yadda whatifitsucksstill blah blah.) Now I have to get my head back into Magellan’s Witch. It’s hard to switch. The two voices are completely different, and I have to be careful not to let one bleed into the other. Last night I wrote a little, but since I was up until midnight the night before, I was too tired to stay up, so I went to bed at eight. I feel remarkably good right now. Imagine that.

I’m reading Elmore Leonard’s Hot Kid
Cover to Elmore Leonard's Hot Kid and totally loving it. This is different from other books I’ve read by him (all of which I’ve loved). Carl Webster, the Hot Kid, is one sexy hero. Wow. And, of course, the writing is distinctly Leonard. If you haven’t read Leonard before this is a great one to start with.

In other news, I had to come home from work early today because my son, who went back to school today after being sick since last Friday, nearly passed out this morning. So, I got him to the pediatrician because he’s never ever ever been sick for this many days. Fortunately, he’s fine (well, sort of fine, considering he shouldn’t have gone to school today either). And, I found out his doctor, Prakash Devaskar, is doing this totally cool and worthy project as well as running his private medical practice. This combines Ocean conservation, kids, families, snorkling and scuba diving. Pretty awesome!

When I got home from the doc with my son, we made a book safe. This quarter’s issue of 2600 has an article about how to make a book safe. You’ll see the article title about 3/4 of the way down the index page I linked to there. For anyone geekishly inclined, this is a great little magazine. My heroine in A Darker Crimson made a lock pick out of her police badge and a ball point pen, the details of which came directly from a 2600 article.


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