Casting Fate to the Winds

Today has been a low key day for me. Mostly because I think I’m coming down with whatever my son had. Uh-oh. I started off the morning by going for a run because I am not in the shape I want to be in. The good news is I went three miles. The bad news is how long it took me to run that far. The other bad news is I all ready feel it in my legs. Tomorrow should be interesting. Legs and arms. Oh my. Read on for why.

My son and I went to Sweeney’s Sports in Napa for a fly fishing lesson. Every Saturday between 10 and 12, they give free casting lessons. My son desperately wants to go fishing and someone I work with fly fishes and offered to take him. But lessons first he said. So, there’s arm action involved in the casting and tomorrow my back and arms will be sore, too. Good sore and all, but sore. All of which reminds me of a really great book:
Cover to The River Why by David Duncan David James Duncan’s The River Why. A former boss told me about the book and, I confess when he said it was about fly fishing, I thought to myself I had no interest at all in the subject. But, he insisted it was a great book, so I went ahead and got it. Well, he was right. And, in the nature of great books, it’s about a whole lot more than fly fishing. This belongs on the shelf of any serious reader. Highly recommended. I should mention that this is a highly amusing book. You won’t even feel the pain of lit-traw-chure cuz it’s just a great story, well told.

What else? After we got back from Napa, I fell asleep for 3 hours. Hard asleep, too. Anyway, I have Magellan’s Witch open and I need to go back to work on it.


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