Weekends seem to go really fast

Well, once again, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. Saturday was a known wash word-wise since I was at my local chapter meeting and then the Dublin Barnes & Noble signing and listening to scenes being read from books. The actors were totally fabulously awesome. There is a a HUGE difference between listening to a good reader read and an actor reading those same lines. If you missed it, well, gosh. Next time don’t! But get on down there because there are still some signed books to be had in time for valentine’s day.

About the actors: Travis Poelle is even cuter than his photo. What a hunk. And when he read Candice Hern’s scene in a perfect British accent, I tell you, there were swooning ladies all over. Totally and utterly hot. Melanee E. Nelson was just as amazing. She’s gorgeous and I just loved the way she did my heroine from DX. The two of them got the exchange between my hero and heroine dead on the way I imagined it. And, judging from the reaction, people thought that scene was just as funny as I hoped it was.

My local chapter (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of RWA) plans on doing this again. I hope they do, it was wonderful. We learned a few things to improve for next time and I heard some great ideas, so yay!

I didn’t get home from Dublin until nearly seven, and I needed some face time with my son, so about all the writing I did was working on my chapter outline late last night. Things were seriously out of whack from where the chapters are and though that process doesn’t produce new words, really I can’t proceed without it. Maybe I’m a closet plotter. In the early stages, I need to keep the two fairly well in sync because I use the chapter outline to figure out where stuff needs to be moved etc.

Today, I got a bit done. Not much, though I hit the secret minimum. There were errands to run, and my son needed library books for his report on Poison Dart Frogs. We ended up going to the Sonoma State University library, and then we walked around the campus because he thinks the campus is pretty, which it is. So we had a nice walk and chat. Got home from that, after a stop for grocery shopping, about three and once the groceries were put away, I had to make cookies for his lunch, and then it was time for dinner. Yikes. But, as I said, I met my secret minimum. So far, I have 32,829 words. That’s a third done, when you think about it. I wrote my Makeover With Temporary Tattoo scene. And tomorrow I will write the Proposition Goes Dangerously Bad Scene. Or maybe the Nighttime Visit scene, not sure which. I’ll have to check the outline to see which comes next. Actually, I’ll write which ever one seems more exciting, which is probably the PGDB scene.


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