Summer Day in Winter

It’s winter here in California, but today, it’s summer. It’s now 72, and gorgeous out. A spectacular day when it should be overcast and foggy.

Just came back from seeing 300. Oh my gosh. Can it be that at long last a woman can go to the movies and expect to see naked and nearly naked men with awesome bodies? Apparently so. I don’t know if Spartan men went around so scantily clad, but I am all for historical inaccuracy. Why, I hardly blinked when a Spartan hottie said "God Speed" except to briefly look around for Kenneth Brannaugh, and I just shrugged when someone else said the Persians, or someone, were going to hell. I have blogged before about the awesome hottness of Rodrigo Santoro. He’s a bit scary as Xerxes but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a King so punked up and basically naked before.

In fact about the only thing I didn’t enjoy in the movie were the painfully, horribly thin women. Oh my gosh. Even their knuckles stood out. I can’t imagine what they look like in person if they looked that skeletal on screen. Who cares if they’re scantily clad? They were skin and bones. This is just sick. Seriously sick and dangerous. It’s time to speak out about this. Consider yourself motivated to start talking about this to everyone in every forum. This bears repeating: it’s sick and dangerous to present skeletal women as sexually desirable.

Off to take the kid to soccer tryouts. I’ll get some good work done at Starbucks while he’s there.

Lastly, I bought an 1882 book History of Fashion that still had very high quality color plates in it. Very nice. I’ll try to add some pics later. And I was privileged enough to hold in my hand a 1640 (I think) geography book that contained fold out maps. It was $5,000 and belongs in a museum, imho. If I had that kind of money, it would be mine. Wow.



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