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I’ve been writing like a maniac lately because although, as I may have mentioned, Magellan’s Witch is due to Warner in August, it’s also my final project for grad school, which I found out is due May 4, not end of May. Urk. So, yeah, panic is setting in.

Last night I went to see Shooter with Marc Walberg.** Excellent. Really, really good. Witty dialogue and heaps of tension. Lots of stuff exploding, but high tension and impressive seat-of-the-pantsing by a trained professional. Pity the fools who underestimate a man with an awesome naked torso.

I’m reading a book called Futureproof by N. Frank Daniels. This is a self-published book, but PODdy mouth (now retired from her blogging alas) recommended this as one of the two outstanding POD books she read. So I bought it. And wow. I only started it last night, but it’s really really good. He has acknowledgments to several pretty big deal authors, so I’m wondering now if it’s possible that none of those writers passed the MS along to their agents, and if they did, whether all those agents could have passed on it. I find that strange. I’m not very far along, but hmmm. This seems odd to me.

OK, off to work. I have to make up my word count from going to the movies last night (during which, I might add, I had a brilliant idea for the book.) On that subject, it’s been interesting that several of my left turn or good complexifications for Magellan’s Witch have come to me while I was at the movies. I mean there I was, admiring Mark Walberg’s torso and suddenly this little voice in the back of my head says Hey, Carolyn, someone should be betraying your non-humans, and giving the bad guys those thingees you don’t quite have a name for yet. And I said to myself, well, yeah! Thanks for the tip! And then I went back to admiring Mark Walberg’s naked torso. Why on earth would any idiot reviewer say this is a guy flick?*** Sheesh.

** Clarification: Mark Walberg did not attend the movie with me, although he would have been more than welcome to come along. I went with my son.

*** Because he was a guy and doesn’t get that women like men with awesome torsos? I mean come on, the movie is based on a book, and I get more women than men read that book.


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