Sigh. I’m repeating myself again. Sigh.

Once again, I’m up too late. And I’m making it worse by blogging about it. Rats.

Here’s the quick info: Lovers of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series Alert! JR Ward will be a guest blogger at By the Blog on Monday March 26, 2007 so be sure to check it out. I know I will. Chances to win stuff!

Yesterday I got a lot done on Magellan’s Witch. Awesome. Today I was all set to do the same. Then my brother dropped off my adorable niece. I do mean that. I love her to death. She’s so girly! But that means I do primary babysitting duties. She had a report on rocks to work on, and low and behold, my son mentions his report on France is due Tuesday. News to me even though I’ve been asking him every day for the last week. So I ended up homework sitting a 6yo and 11yo. They had remarkably similar strategies involved mainly avoidance behavior and the inability to remember how to spell anything. So after my nerves were about to snap I took them out and got them totally and massively sugared up and texted my brother a picture of her holding a very very large bar of white chocolate taken while were were sitting in the Smoothie shop, moi having just purchased them a blended It’s It. (main ingredient: sugar). Then we went home, they homeworked until the sugar crash and then gosh, my other brother came to pick her up just as she was complaining she didn’t feel good.

Evil laugh.

I did exceed my minimum, somehow.

Also, as I was waking up this morning, the little voice said to me Hey! You should put Santiago (an atagonist) in that troublesome scene and have him totally confront the heroine with badness and danger. Which I did. Plus some. Thank you little voice!


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4 Responses to “Sigh. I’m repeating myself again. Sigh.”

  1. Sandra Schwab says:

    What do you think looks better on villains: swords or pistols?

    And how do you like “Carjewel” for your alter ego as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Horrible Histories of the Rhine? Or Lyncar? Jewellyn? Carlyn? Whadda you wanna be called? 🙂

    Oh, and it’s going to be strapping, young Gilldan who’ll be coming after you. Just so you know. *g*

  2. Carolyn says:

    1. Broadly speaking, swords over pistols. But, as ever, it depends Pistols are sneakier, thus more villainous. But if he’s wearing a kilt, I would imagine a sword of some sort is pretty much required.

    2. Jewellyn is an awesome name for a wand-wacking witch. I’ll take on strapping young Gilldan any day. Bring him on. I only hope he’s not the sort who gives up easily. But then again, maybe I do!


  3. Sandy says:

    Okay, mighty Sorceress Jewellyn, do your worst: You bonk your wand on the head of poor Maid Maiken and drag the girl to drink her blood. To gain eternal youth, you know. Strapping, young Gilland comes after you and then …

    Heroine closes the book and goes ice-skating. *g*

  4. Sandy says:

    drag the girl off