Afternoon Post and Stuff

Yesterday I got a lot done. I had to make up for the day job sucking up all of Friday, so on Saturday I had to do double the minimum. I did, plus some. I had to get up at 5:30 on Saturday so I could make sure all my day job stuff got done. It did. So, I was awake (sort of) to get an early start on the writing. Knocked off at 1:00 to make sure my son has everything he needs for his week away. Then my brother was up from Santa Barbara, but I ignored him until after I was done writing. Got a little more writing done last night so now I’m up to 57K words. And two unexpected things happened.

First I realized after I met with my prof on Thursday that what I thought was the middle of my book is, in fact, the end. Not the last chapter, but stuff that happens at the end, and the stuff that I was going to have happen afterward in fact belonged in the middle. So I took care of that yesterday and moved some other stuff around. Then I wrote the first of the two new chapters which I think came out well. Next up, the second of the new chapters which started out boring as hell. Oops. They’re heading north to a country retreat where some stuff will happen. (I swear!) Now, I know enough now that I need to stop when it’s boring and start over, so I did and turns out that at the country retreat there is a woman taking care of a man who was formerly vital and powerful but has been messed up totally by the antagonist. Anyway, it was fun to meet these people and start seeing how they’re going to help me pick up the themes running through my story.

What else? Well, stuff, of course. Doh.



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