Still alive

62,157 as of tonight for Magellan’s Witch. Yesterday I was happily typing away at something not exactly writing related (except the typing part) thinking I had the whole evening uninterrupted, when suddenly I remembered I was supposed to go to my son’s soccer parent meeting at 7:00 and it was 6:42. Uh-oh. So I made two copies of his birth certificate and dashed out of the house and found the meeting place at about 6:59. Totally cool. And then — imagine this from the board member reps blah blah yadda blah soccer blah blah de blah de blah de blah money blah Only way more boring even than that. At one point I actually got out my notebook and started writing because it was either that or poke myself with a stick or something. There was a weirdly cool painting on the wall that looked like a cross between a white Zorro and a skinny Sioux Indian, where the guy had these cool stripe things on his face, so I decided my new character (who turned out to have a twin sister) has cool stripes on his face. Inspiration is inspiration folks.

When I got home (at last — the interesting part from the coach and trainer lasted about 5 minutes) I went back and gave the new guy stripes and then tonight when I was finishing up that scene and getting going on the stuff that comes after, the stripes turned out to be something neato. Everyone did stuff exactly the opposite of what I notebooked this morning at the gym.

What else? I have Friday off. Yay! Because I had to work most of the weekend and stay late Monday – which explains why I was lollygagging Monday and forgot about the meeting until the nick of time.

But now I’m going to bed and maybe have time to finish Tess Garritson’s Vanish.


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2 Responses to “Still alive”

  1. Megan Frampton says:

    Wow! You are rocking, Carolyn.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I have deadlinias panickius, that’s why.